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Reference - R4 - 39 documents
[R4.01.01] Pre-and post-processing for "composite" thin shells
[R4.01.02] Anisotropic Elasticity
[R4.02.01] Finite elements for acoustics
[R4.02.02] Vibro-acoustic elements
[R4.02.03] Elasto-acoustic beam
[R4.02.04] Fluid-structure coupling with free surface
[R4.02.05] Absorbing boundary elements
[R4.03.05] Parametric and non-parametric probabilistic models for dynamics
[R4.03.06] Fitting algorithm
[R4.04.01] Metallurgical behaviour for steels
[R4.04.02] Elasto-visco-plastic modeling with metallurgical transfomation
[R4.04.03] Elasto-visco-plastic behaviours with large deformations and metallurgical transformations
[R4.04.04] Metallurgical models of zircaloy
[R4.04.05] META_LEMA_ANI viscoelastic behavior model taking into account the metallurgy for fuel rod cladding
[R4.05.01] Seismic response by transient analysis
[R4.05.02] Stochastic approach for seismic analysis
[R4.05.03] Spectral method for seismic response
[R4.05.04] Soil-structure interaction with spatial variability (operator DYNA_ISS_VARI)
[R4.05.05] Génération de signaux sismiques
[R4.05.06] Méthode linéaire équivalent pour la propagation des ondes en 1D
[R4.05.07] Interaction sol-structure non-linéaire avec la méthode Laplace-Temps
[R4.05.08] Méthode de prise en compte de l'interaction Plancher-Matériel
[R4.06.02] Modal analysis with classical dynamic substructuring
[R4.06.03] Cyclical dynamic substructuring
[R4.07.02] Modeling turbulent excitations
[R4.07.03] Calculation of added mass matrix on modal base
[R4.07.04] Fluid-structure coupling for tubular structures and coaxial shells
[R4.07.05] Homogenization of a network of beams immersed in a fluid
[R4.07.07] Identification of fluid efforts
[R4.08.01] Computation of thermal deformation
[R4.09.01] Bilan d'énergie en thermo-mécanique
[R4.10.01] Error estimator of Zienkiewicz-Zhu in 2D elasticity
[R4.10.02] Residual error estimator
[R4.10.03] Spatial residual error estimator for the transient thermal analysis
[R4.10.04] Detection of singularities and calculation of a size elements map
[R4.10.05] Residual error estimator for modeling HM
[R4.10.06] Error estimators by quantities of interest
[R4.10.07] Calcul de l'erreur en relation de comportement en dynamique sous une formulation fréquentielle
[R4.20.01] Indicators of discharge and loss of proportionality of loading in elastoplasticity