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Reference - R3 - 39 documents
[R3.01.00] The isoparametric finite element method
[R3.01.01] Shape functions and integration points of finite elements
[R3.03.01] Dualization of the boundary conditions
[R3.03.02] Rigid body conditions
[R3.03.03] 3D-beam connection
[R3.03.04] Follower pressure forces in large displacements
[R3.03.05] Élimination des conditions aux limites dualisées
[R3.03.06] Shell-beam connection
[R3.03.07] Follower pressure for volumic-shells elements
[R3.03.08] Relations cinématiques linéaires de type RBE3
[R3.03.09] Raccord Arlequin 3D – Poutre
[R3.06.02] Linear modeling for continuous medium element in thermic analysis
[R3.06.03] Computation of stresses at the nodes by local smoothing
[R3.06.04] Fourier elements for axisymmetric structures
[R3.06.07] Lumping of the thermal mass matrix
[R3.06.08] Finite elements taking into account incompressibility
[R3.06.09] Joints/interface finite elements for mechanical and coupled hydromechanical analysis
[R3.06.10] Quadrangular element with one integration point "assumed strain method"
[R3.06.11] Hexahedral element with one integration point, stabilized by the "Assumed Strain Method"
[R3.06.13] Finite element of mixed interface for cohesive zone models (xxx_INTERFACE)
[R3.07.02] Numerical modeling of thin structures: thermoelasto-plastic axisymmetric shells and 1D
[R3.07.03] Plate elements: DKT, DST, DKTG and Q4g models
[R3.07.04] Finite element of volumic shells
[R3.07.05] Volumic shells in non-linear analysis
[R3.07.06] Treatment of offset for plate elements
[R3.07.07] SHB volumic shell element with 8 nodes
[R3.07.08] SHB volumic shell element with 6, 15 and 20 nodes
[R3.07.09] Éléments de plaque : Modélisation Q4GG
[R3.08.01] "Accurate" beam elements (straight and curved)
[R3.08.02] Modeling of cables
[R3.08.03] Calculation of the characteristics of any cross-section of a beam
[R3.08.04] 7-dofs beam element accounting for warping
[R3.08.05] A finite element cable-pulley
[R3.08.06] Finite element of straight and curved pipe
[R3.08.07] Elements of grid of reinforcement GRILLE_MEMBRANE
[R3.08.08] Multifiber beam element (straight)
[R3.08.09] Multi-fiber beams with large displacements
[R3.08.10] Élément CABLE_GAINE
[R3.11.01] Formulation of a model for thermal thin shells